What's the story?

What's The Story?

In the tiny mountain Kingdom of Jabbi Cragg, like his ancestors before him, Gazoon Wazoo is supposed to be practicing for the terrifying Walk across the Wire between the towering peaks of Mount Lanadoon.

Gazoon with Nonamee
and his shnookimer

Instead he's been playing his shnookimer and making up songs with his special ekko, two thieving friends and a poetry-writing Princess. Can one boy's love of music outsmart the angry Winds, challenge tradition, defeat wily Lord Grot and bring balance and safety to the Kingdom?

Nonamee wasn't like the other ekkos. This one didn't like loud noises and didn't want to compete, but loved making music with Gazoon.

Written by Rick Scott
and Valley Hennell
Illustrated by Linda Sanborn