What Folks Say

The Great Gazzoon wins 2013 Western Canadian Music Award as Children’s Recording of the Year!
Canadian Children's Book Centre names The Great Gazzoon 2013 Best Book for Kids and Teens!
The Great Gazzoon a finalist for Package Design in the 2013 Audie Awards in New York!

The Great Gazzoon Honoured with 2012 Parents' Choice Approved Award
"This audio novel is the story of one young boy's love of music and his apprehensions about fulfilling the expectations of hi s parents. The story segments are interspersed with a variety of songs and poems with instrumental and vocal accompaniment that build interest and excitement during Gazzoon's journey. The chapters are upbeat and hold the listener's interest because of the variety of delivery techniques, special sound effects and animated character voices." Parent Choice Awards, Oct 2012

Fresh 'Gazzoon' Tunes for Fun Family Time
"If you are looking for a family oriented, inspiring, entertaining musical collection, look no further than Juno nominee Rick Scott’s new musical audio novel, The Great Gazzoon: A Tall Tale With Tunes and Turbulence.With over four hours of narration, poetry, music and song, The Great Gazzoon features 60 colourful chapters and 22 characters who unfold the adventure of how one boy’s love of music overcomes his fear and transforms his community." Island Tides, Oct 2012

The Great Gazzoon Included in Roundup of Unique Children's Books
"Rick Scott’s dramatized musical audio novel brings his unique blend of music and storytelling into the literary world. The prevalent themes of fear, friendship, literacy, and the power of the creative process characterize The Great Gazzoon." Ottawa Magazine, Oct 2012

The Great Gazzoon is a Wonderful Musical Novel
"Instead of going to see a musical at the theatre it has come to you. You will be taken on a magical, exciting and poetic journey. The Great Gazzoon had me captivated and like all terrific stories as the excitement increased I wantedto hear it to the end. If you listen to it in your room at home you might want to put up a 'Do not disturb' notice up so you can relax and enjoy it without any interruptions." Children’s Web Magazine, Oct 2012

The Great Gazzoon Provides Fanciful Audio Entertainment
"A gem, an enchanting and imaginative journey that is instantly absorbing. The blend of storytelling, poetry and music is simply fabulous. Rick’s talent for entertaining children of all ages through story and song is phenomenal. I was swept away by the story and spent an entire afternoon listening to all four CDs, fully captivated the entire time." Mommy Kat and Kids, Oct 2012

Veteran Folkie, Children’s Performer Releases Folk Tale Opus
"Scott was inspired to write Gazzoon after facing his fear learning to walk tightrope to play the title role in the musical Barnum. He scored the story with folk melodies performed on all manner of dulcimers: strummed, plucked, bowed, E-Bowed, hammered and slide, accompanied by violin, cello, guitar, bass, hang, didgeridoo, percussion, kora, tama, kalimba, shakuhachi, thunder drum, horns, dishwasher and human beat box." Campbell River Mirror, Oct 2012

GAZZOON Featured in Guerilla Magazine
"As the world accelerates, even storytelling for young people grows increasingly digitized and bite sized. It’s a rare treat to encounter a deliberate and in-depth project such as The Great Gazzoon... thoughtful, playful, and grounded in a positive message about overcoming fears—a message from which children of all ages could benefit. Scott plays seven different dulcimers with a variety of techniques and tunings, accompanied by an assortment of other acoustic instruments. The result is an exotic musicality perfectly suited for the fantasy adventures in the narrative. The overall aim, of course, is simply to get children to engage." Guerrilla Magazine, Sept 2012

A Grandfather Talks About Fear
"Acknowledging and conquering fear is at the heart of The Great Gazzoon, Scott’s story of a music-loving boy who has to face the challenge of walking the wire between two mountains in order to safeguard his community. A musical audio novel, it consists of four CDs and a 40-page songbook with 50 original illustrations by Ottawa artist Linda Sanborn." Aging Horizons Magazine, Sept 2012